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    29th Annual Bull Sale: For more information about the sale click here.

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    April 13 – A Day with Temple Grandin:
    Once again, renowned CSU Professor of Animal Sciences and autism advocate Temple Grandin is taking to social media to engage with people interested in her work – and on the same day that she will deliver the next President’s Community Lecture Series talk.

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    Big Ideas


    Tracking ‘superbug’ genes to understand antibiotic resistance: Dr. Paul Morley and Dr. Keith Belk are using DNA sequencing to trace antimicrobial genes in cattle. Researchers at Colorado State University are investigating the weighty topic of antibiotic resistance – an issue with ramifications for global food safety and public health – by tracking the genetic footprints of drug-resistant bacteria.

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    CSU, partners propose master plan for next 100 years of the National Western Center: Colorado State University will be a major partner in the changing face of North Denver, and the draft master plan released today for the reimagining of the National Western Center, a combined 270-acre site near Interstates 70 and 25, showcases the university’s unique role in this transformation.


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By instilling excitement, celebration, & memories for a lifetime, students are given the opportunity to fulfill any dream imaginable in the Animal Sciences Industry. Our team was founded on the principal ideas that providing students with hands-on experience & a competitive education we will make the best, even better.