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Cattle Producer’s Handbook

The Cattle Producer’s Handbook is a collection of fact sheets that are resources of any size beef cattle operation. Material has been developed by the Western Beef Resource Committee, which consists of Cooperative Extension System animal scientists, veterinarians, and other specialists from Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.


Below are links to each of the following topics and the first page of corresponding fact sheets.

Section 100 Introduction

Section 200 Quality Assurance

Section 300 Nutrition

Section 400 Reproduction

Section 500 Range and Pasture

Section 600 Animal Health

Section 700 Management

Section 800 Marketing

Section 900 Finance

Section 1000 Genetics

Section 1100 Drought and Other Natural Disasters

Section 1200 Miscellaneous


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