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Monica Thrasher

Executive Assistant to the Department Head

Animal Sciences Building, Room 140

Laura Bonner

Undergraduate Coordinator

Animal Sciences Building Front Desk

Cassi Nichols

Adminstrative Assistant, Equine Science

Student Assistants

Grace Larson, Kendal Montgomery, Bella Pulido, Tori Teegarden

Animal Sciences Building Front Desk

  • Department Head Scheduling

  • Travel Coordinator

    Faculty, Staff, & Student Travel, Reimbursements

  • Graduate Students

    Graduate Program Information, Graduate Checks

  • Human Resources

    Employee Benefits, Sick & Annual Leave, Timeclock Plus

  • Undergraduate Coordinator

    First point of contact for students, Overrides, Graduate Checks, Course and Classroom Scheduling

  • Key Manager

    New keys, Replacement Keys, Lost Keys, Keycards

  • Building Proctor

    Point of contact for all building needs including maintenance, safety, security, renovations and construction and other misc. needs

  • Administrative Assistant, Equine Science

  • Scheduling

  • General Questions

  • General Questions

    1st Point of Contact for Email and Phone Inquiries

  • Mail

    Mail Delivery and Distribution

  • Phone

    Answer main office phone

  • Building Tours

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